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Get on your SCUBA gear! We are getting ready to dive deep!

We are in the final quarter of 2019. The last few months of this decade. It is well known and documented that big changes happen during the last 2 years of the decade and the first 2 years of the next decade. In the blink of an eye we will be turning our attention to the power of 2020. Amazing to think of the possibilities lying ahead of us ...

If we just let go!

As a globe, we are now under the deeper influence of the new millennium with the power of the number 2, which is what I call the "Divine Diplomat." For the last 1,000 years we were under the influence of the number 1, from the years 1,000 - 1999, which is dynamic leadership, domination, activation and innovation. This next millennium, from the years 2000 - 2999, the number 2 is now prevalent indicating the ability to take what came before and make it better and more sustainable for all. The actions of the #2 are from the feminine attraction rather than the #1 masculine achiever.

During the next coming months before the New Year begins, consider the endings in your life that have happened and what needs to happen. For the year 2019, which end in a 9 indicating finality, change and exploration, it is the time of letting go.

Here are a few considerations:

  1. What was finished over the last 10 years and what was the lesson?

  2. How can I physically feel more vibrant and alert and release the mental fog?

  3. What challenge shall I take next year?

  4. Who is in my "Trusted Tribe" now that has my back?

  5. Where will my Spirit and Heart soar in service to humanity, to myself and my Trusted Tribe?

  6. What will be your Mission Statement for the next decade?

  7. What will be your mantra for the year 2020?

It is that time again to take a deeper dive into what messages the unconscious mind is telling you and ask:

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it necessary?

Then take those steps required, the “Spiritual Pushups” it takes to get on the track you have planned for your life that is filled with Joy, Peace and Love.

"May you be free from chaos and suffering. May you be happy. May you be peaceful and at ease."

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