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Welcome to 2022!

Image by Levi Guzman

The Teenager!

The Year 2022 is the #6 in Numerology. This is what I call "THE TEENAGER!" It's time to shake it up, get out, be fearless and go with the gut all while laughing, enjoying life and, okay ... making out a little bit! lol. 

Image by Moritz Knöringer
Image by Brooke Cagle

As The Teenager, we will be called to look deep, act quick and have no regrets. This will certainly be a challenge as we move from being "reactionary" like over the last 2 year to being "responsive" as we move forward.


There are two types of teenagers:


Punk: the one who is exclusive, secretive, underhanded, cruel, ego driven

(I'm sure we all remember who that was when we were teenagers)


The Enlightened Teenager: this is the one who calls in the "funny kid" and gives them space to be, they are kind, selfless, wise and joy-filled.

I had a friend like that in High School. Joe was not an athlete. He was not in the band. Joe was himself. All the girls loved him and all the guys wanted to be him. When I think of The Enlightened Teenager, I think of Joe. Unfortunately, the earth could not contain him and he was Called Home the day before he was to give the Commencement Address to his Senior Class.


We will be called even more into our Spirit, into our Loving Heart, into our Compassion, for ourselves as well as others. We are being called to be: 


The Enlightened Teenager.

Nothing may seem the same as before, as we move into next year, and we will be forced to explore new territories of our deepest self. There may be more time of isolation but this time it is in our own doing so we can really listen and contemplate the messages of Source/God/Great Spirit.


If you are not in a consistent meditation practice, I would urge you to do so. The year 2022 will be asking you to really take in the moments for yourself and how you will be of service to bring The Light into the world ... and to laugh and enjoy living again!

DRS and Joe.jpg

Don Reed Simmons with Joe~ as teenagers
Yes, it was the 70's!.

Image by Alex Guillaume
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