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Innovative Technique

for Actors!

What if I told you there is an easy and foolproof way to make your character; specific, unique,

memorable AND you can use

this technique for character development or cold reads

at an audition?!

Every Actor wants to find a "hook" for their character. This method uses Numerology in a way that gives you INSTANT access to nuances of personalities you can tap into within seconds and even shift the personality from scene to scene and even within the scene.

Toni ENTERS through the doorway, bound with energy. Robert approaches with hesitation.


                    Where have you been? I've been calling ...



                     Oh Robert ...


                     Toni, Blake is missing and they found his coat

                      with blood on it.

Just in this short sequence, the characters of Toni and Robert are going through a shift of emotions. As they speak, they have an opportunity to shift from sentence to sentence. Obviously some important information is unfolding.

What range of emotions can be exhibited?






By using Numerology you are able to tap immediately into a personality profile or even a thought profile.

By understanding the LIFEPATH of someone, even your character, this gives you the traits of that person. A 9 LifePath person is known as the "teacher/student/explorer." and how they respond to a crisis, or new information is very different than a 5 LifePath, known as the "Baby of the External World."



                                Don Simmons was in the film industry for nearly

                                30 years in NYC, LA, Honolulu and Atlanta mostly

                                behind the camera and just enough in front of the

                                camera to know what it's really like. He started

                                out as a Casting Director in NYC in the middle of Times Square with high fashion models, for print, as well as commercials and features films and Broadway theater. Soon he moved to LA to continue his career in film. During this time he also became a certified hypnotherapist, studied palmistry and learned numerology. When he left the film business (for good this time!) he developed a thriving practice as a working Intuitive (psychic), Shamanic Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. His study of numerology shifted from the many books and teachings on the subject. Through his insights of the many personalities he witnessed over the years he is now writing his own book on LifePath numbers.


During a recent interview with Nastassia, an actress and personality from Atlanta, it was determined how actors could use numerology to increase their awareness of Characters!

And this workshop is born!

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 1.44_edited.jpg

Basically, the LifePath number is determined by the full birthday of the individual. There are 11 LifePath numbers, each with a unique personality as well as subtle shadings. We will go over these in detail during the workshop and how to determine the LifePath of your character.


The general overview of the 11 LifePath numbers are listed here.

_Life Path One Sheet.jpg

With this information, you can tap into a unique persona "at will" to create a memorable and unique character either as character development or even during a "cold read" at an audition.

Come and explore this unique and ground breaking way to discover who YOU are and how the LifePath of your character could be the ticket to your next audition success!

ACTORS Early Squirrel Special.png

Sunday June 2, 2024

2pm - 6pm

Location: North of 285 just off I-400

(Dunwoody Area)

Location Will Be Revealed Upon

Acceptance into Program and Payment

This is an experiential workshop where you will be going from character to character. You will be given "sides" before class AND you will be given sides in class to help you nail those cold reads!

Limited Seating. Please send email to apply:


  • Headshot and Resume

  • What makes you hesitate in auditions

  • What role have you enjoyed the most and why

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