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Why did you start VBC?

After years of working with clients of all walks of life I started noticing a pattern where more people were coming to me for business situations. I am very happy helping anyone who needs my guidance but I experienced a real satisfaction when I saw a business client become more focused and more in tuned with themselves. Their confidence grew – their productivity increased – their income climbed and they felt more joy in business, family and in life overall.


It is my desire to help those who are making a difference in the world

and who are actively pursuing their dreams. 

As my clients grew and changed, their dreams and challenges changed.  Being a part of their evolution was soul satisfying.

Our world is rapidly changing and having a Visionary Consultant is no more out of the question than having a Financial Consultant help you save your money or an Interior Designer help you pick out the right sofa for your living room.  Our world becoming more specific in nature. When you have a tooth ache you go to a dentist.


When you need to get a better understanding of what you need

to do for a more successful life you go to a Visionary!


What is your experience in business?

I worked in the film business for nearly 30 years as a producer, production manager, director, assistant director, writer, casting director and location manager. I’ve employed hundreds of people and managed millions of dollars over these 30 years in commercials, features and documentary productions. Each production is like a mini-business with a budget, time line, duties to be accomplished, crisis to handle and personalities to be dealt with. Before I got into the film business, I was in radio for 7 years as an announcer, music director and program director. I have a B.A. degree from the University of Southern Mississippi (Robert Pittman - iHeart Radio/MTV, Jimmy Buffett, Brett Favre, Chuck Scarboro /WNBC - NYC) with a triple major in Journalism, Film and Public Relations with a minor in French.

Early in my film career, in between productions, I began working in  Scar

Crisis Intervention and discovered I was very good at helping others in crisis.


This was a suicide and crisis hotline in New York City. I chose to work the 12 midnight to 6 am shift as I knew that when most crisis happen. I was right. With so much pain and suffering in the world I was happy to be the other person on the line helping others “off the ledge” and into a place where they could get help.  I am grateful for this experience and know years of this work in NYC, LA and Honolulu has helped me be a better and more compassionate person and Intuitive Counsel.

As a side note, I grew up on a farm with horses, cows, chickens, dogs and cats. Some of my first work in the film business was as an Animal Handler for a well known animal agency in New York City.  Herding 15 sheep across the stage of Radio City Music Hall or exercising multiple camels down 6th Avenue and Times Square during Christmas is no less a challenge than helping someone navigate a business deal.


Is the information disclosed to you or to me confidential?

Having worked in the film business and with celebrities for many years I’m very sensitive to privacy. Your security and privacy is of utmost importance to me. Every Client can feel confident the information you share with me, and I share with you, is held in privacy and I uphold a Code of Ethics* including “therapist-patient confidentiality”.  There are times I may consult with another colleague of mine but no names or identities are ever revealed. These are my Trusted Tribe who I’ve known for many years and we help each other with certain cases.

We know business lives in strategy and a leaked move can sink the ship. I do not knowingly represent competing clients and if it is ever discovered I will immediately disclose what ever events have taken place and take appropriate action.  I’ve been truly amazed at the “level and quality” of individual who have come into my life for Counsel.  People have a tendency to tell me things they would not tell a therapist or a hair stylist. I hold this in great esteem and with great trust.

* I may disclose private information without consent in order to protect the patient or the public from serious harm — if, for example, a client discusses plans to attempt suicide or harm another person.

* I am required to report ongoing domestic violence, abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or people with disabilities. (However, if an adult discloses that he or she was abused as a child, the psychologist typically isn’t bound to report that abuse, unless there are other children continuing to be abused.)

* I may release information if they receive a court order. That might happen if a person’s mental health came into question during legal proceedings.


What is the difference between visionary, intuition and psychic ability?

The word psychic comes from the Greek word “psychikos” meaning “of the soul” where intuition comes from the Latin word “intuicioun” meaning “insight, direct or immediate cognition, spiritual perception.”  Visionary is a word whose meaning has changed over time. In the 1600’s it was thought of as “fanciful speculation” and even “utopian or characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection.” Today the meaning has transformed to the “exceptional ability to plan or have ideas for the future marked by foresight and imagination.” To be Visionary is to “see” the future though “insight of the soul” and translate that into a workable solution in the present.


Often being visionary is met with “violent opposition from mediocre minds” as Albert Einstein is quoted. Science tells us anything heavier than air would not be able to fly. It took a group of Visionaries to make it happen and change history forever.

Who are the references listed on your website?

I do not list names or companies on my website for reasons of confidentiality but they are bonafide clients of mine most of which I’ve worked with over a period of time, some for many years.

What type of information can I expect to receive?

Clear direction with physical steps to take for a successful outcome. If at anytime you are not sure of what is being said, ask for clarification. Sometimes the information comes in “parable” form and there will need to be discernment of how it relates to your situation specifically. We can discuss any area of your personal or business life.


Example: A client is in international business development for a rather large global technology manufacturing company. I would get a call from far reaches of the globe … “I’ve got a meeting with “Ms. Smith” in 2 hours. What do I need to know about this person and what do I need to look out for?” I would be able to give my client direction on how to approach this other person for the best possible success based on that person’s personality that was “shown” to me. Two weeks later he would call and say … “Spot on in China. How did my direct manager react to what happened? And by the way, I’m at the airport heading to England. What can you tell me about “Niles Dorsey”?  


I loved working with this client. Our conversations would be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.



How do I benefit from consulting with you?

There are many ways in which what I do can be of benefit. My skills are used extensively in times of transition to assist in Visioning the road ahead and best timing for making that transition.  I have found people are often in the wrong job as far as their talent and skills sets. I have the ability to help guide others in unveiling their natural abilities for the greater success of themselves and the company.


For instance: A client was in charge of 8 people in her division. One of her team members kept making mistake after mistake in the role they had in “plant maintenance.” What I saw in the person was they needed the interaction of others and especially in a role that used their analytical thinking. My client changed that person be in charge of scheduling and to her surprise he flourished!

In addition, there is a “non-judgmental” approach to the work I do and to be a neutral, non biased witness and counsel to your company or situation.


Every day you have to make decisions driving your business toward success.

With Visionary Consulting those decisions are easier to make

as we clear the road and untangle the webs that

often confuse the situations.


What types of people consult with you?

My clients are in every walk of life, including CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s, Managers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Psychotherapist, Philanthropist, Lawyers, Sales, Human Resources department heads, Writers, Musicians, Inventors, Scientist, Priest … the list is endless. We all have one thing in common…

  • “What is the best way to do my job”

  • “What should I do next?”

  • “How do I deal with (workmate, supervisor, department head, etc.) ”


Yes, there is a common human tread whether you are a millionaire CEO of an Insurance conglomerate or just someone who dreams of opening a Tea Shop in Colorado. We are here to be of Service to our Humanity around us and to be the best at it we can be.

Your business may be unique, but to me all things are Energy. I can work with a scientist in the morning on a project around a nuclear missile then a race horse breeder at noon about the performance of a certain horse then a HR executive for a major hotel chain about the implementation of a new software design in the evening. It’s all Energy. I don’t have to know about your specific business in order to give you counsel. Energy is Energy.


Where does the information come from?

For me information comes in form of images and subtle words deep inside myself. I work everyday to be a “clear conduit,” free from my own ego and aligned with a Greater Source (God/Creator). This is information not from me, although there are times I will take that information and interpret it to help you understand what is needed. Often I will tell you it is my “experience” of being in the world as someone who has “walked the earth” and who has fallen and gotten back up. Sage wisdom from someone who has been there spoken through the filter of Visionary Insight.


My teachers have the utmost integrity and I have chosen carefully those with whom I have studied. One of my first teachers in the Intuitive world was actually a Spirit Guide who came to me when I found myself in a precarious situation while SCUBA diving in Hawaii. Seeing my world coming to an end woke me up to living. This Guide has been with me since the mid-70’s and has taught me more than anyone about Energy and navigating between the “Upper, Middle and Lower” worlds.


Meditation is another teacher as it guides me to let go of ego and the chatter of self doubt. My teachers in this arena are Jon Kabat-Zinn, MD who developed the prodigious courses of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen Monk who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King and author of over 100 books on the subjects like compassion, meditation and peaceful diplomacy.


What is the difference between you and a psychic?

What I do is help you consistently forge your future. I don’t believe in “fortune telling” – I believe in “Fortune Making.”


I am a part of your team that works WITH you for your evolution and success.


The psychic you find in the yellow pages or on the side of the road is there one time and they really could care less what happens after that. Unfortunately, many “psychics” will string you along for extra services. I’ve seen it happen over and over.

                                           Many years ago a person accused my industry of being                                                                      fraudulent and it’s players charlatans only there to take

                                           advantage of others. On this persons desk was Fortune

                                           Magazine with it’s headline article on the Enron collapse

                                           because of greed and deceit. I gently glided the

                                           magazine in his direction. It’s not the Industry that is the

                                           problem – it’s the people. That is why I’m strategically

                                           aligned to be the right Consultant for your business.




I feel my job is to build a better world though Integrity, Compassion,

Financial Security and Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health.



Can you be as accurate over the phone as in person?

In short – yes. There is no difference whether the person is sitting in front of me or is on the phone in India, Germany, Romania or China. It’s all energy. Skype, FaceTime or GoToMeeting is valuable if possible but not necessary at all. An image of the person we are discussing is valuable as well, but again, not necessary.  Just like anything, the more “tools” you have the better the product – but “a picture can still be hung with a piece of metal and the heel end of a shoe” as a wise man once told me.

Can I ask questions about my personal life?

Of course. I believe in a balanced life. If your life outside of business is not fulfilled then your life inside of business will not be fulfilled.


It’s not all about the Bottom Line but instead how we grow

the Bottom Line by having a fulfilled life.

Usually every session has a personal aspect to it. Besides, in many ways our “business” is really a reflection of ourselves. Knowing and honoring who you are, knowing and honoring your personal and romantic partnerships, knowing and honoring those near and dear to you is our real Mission in life.

That is our Life Work – our job.


Our employment is where we go on a regular basis

to support our Mission of Peace and Prosperity.

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