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Music and Sounds for your meditative Journey!

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Through Past Life Regression you can discover why you are the way you are; the hidden meaning of your intimate relationships and the understanding of any difficulty within your life. By exploring Past Life memories, we are able see the roadblocks that lie ahead of us and discover a clear Path into our Highest Self - moving from chaos to harmony.


Shrouded in legend and myth, the Gong reveals a legacy of Empires and Warriors. Shamans and Healers perform the Gong as a Pathway into the spheres of the Spirit World and ultimately into Wholeness, Wellness and Enlightenment. This is a Sacred Journey we take when we choose to discover and reshape ourselves.
The Gong is your Guide, clearing the old and awakening the new. The Portal doors of complete Universal Consciousness opens. You enter into a new way of Being.


The sound of quartz crystal bowls and other instruments in Journey to Transformation, acts as a tuning fork of deep meditation to the body sending a clear message to the mind and spirit. Tuned to different chakras of the body, the frequency, vibration, volume and rhythms stimulates the central nervous system which in turn communicates the with body and the brain to simultaneously release chaos and return to harmony. This CD is widely used by massage therapist, yoga practitioners and many other looking to make changes in their life.


A unique blend of sounds, designed to create an atmosphere of harmony within the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. Sit among the Natural Sounds of Meditation and allow the vibrational shift to transport you into a world beyond measure and time. Discover how it feels to sit and explore the nobility and community of a field of crickets; the power of the Ancient Visionaries through the Shaman’s drum; the Records of the Universe through migrating whales and the connection of Divine Source with the sound of pure quartz crystal.


Your body is its best doctor. It knows how to heal itself.
Ultimate Health is the reunion of harmony within the body, mind and soul. Simply loving your illness does not make it go away … you have to do something about it. Pain and illness is a part of life but by dislodging old habits of belief and thinking we move closer to our authentic joy. Embracing the source, finding the gift and final acceptance allows the body to release the emotion of disharmony. Then calm and peace can through your entire body. This recording will help you listen to your body, inspiring the Healer within and return to Ultimate Health!


Expect Miracles as the powerful presence of Arch Angels guide you lovingly into your highest potential...

This meditation helps train your mind and spirit to attune to the Light of the Divine and seek the wisdom of God’s entrusted ones.  Connect deeply with Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel who are ready to work in your life bringing clarity of vision, messages from the Divine, healing, laughter and the passion of inspiration. The Arch Angels are a group of “leader” angels here to assist us on our path during the time of our evolving soul. Their presence is of Divine beauty, grace, compassion, love and transmutation as they teach and lead us with complete non-judgmental acceptance and unconditional love.


Mindfulness is the cornerstone of all meditation. This easy to follow CD will help the beginner as well as the expert, deepen their practice in quieting the Wild Mind. Our minds are constantly racing with a million thoughts. Meditation trains the mind just like physical exercise trains the body. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention from moment to moment in a non-judgmental way. This simple, but powerful practice can provide options for coping with the stress of everyday life.

Divine Intelligence chooses to see you succeed! Connect with the Divine like you have never before and step into the magic and simplicity from the spark of Divine Intelligence.  The mind, unlike the brain, is an organ attached to the Soul. Thinking, a function of the brain can get stuck in the ditch of human ego with limited and predictable results.  Divine Intelligence has a progressive outlook with original thinking and innovative outcome. Through Divine Intelligence we experience a Revolution of the Mind, destroying outdated ways of thinking and connects us with psychic wisdom.  Discover what is blocking you from your greatest joy and ultimate success.


Smoke Free is a FREE download!

This is my way to help others become free of an addictive habit whose implications are wider and more insidious than we can ever know. If you are a smoker, or you know someone who smokes, PLEASE take this opportunity to become Smoke Free. Your life and happiness depends on it.

Thank you!

Don Simmons

Trust the power of your subconscious mind and switch off the urge to smoke. Your body does not naturally crave nicotine – it is a mental habit and nothing more.
Be wary of the games your mind plays to prevent you from being Smoke Free.

A thought is the seed of manifestation. To make a change in your life, a change must first take place in your mind. This CD helps you realize the power of your subconscious mind to make a lifetime commitment of being free from the addiction of nicotine.

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