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Ancient Wisdom

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Sound Therapy is here!

Modern science has come to prove what the Ancient Wisdom has known for millennia.

Healing is based on

frequency and vibration.

My personal Sound Journey

My Personal Sound Journey

My actual journey with sound started as kid, growing up on a farm and listening and feeling the sound of cows mooing. But that's another story!

As a meditation teacher, the sound of a Himalayan Bowl, Crystal Bowl, Gong, Bells of all kinds, Chimes, Percussive Instruments were all a part of the language I used to induce a productive meditation.

In 2009 I was invited to join the Board of Directors for the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA) and in 2012 I was elected President. Mandara Cromwell, the Founder and Chairwoman, was a guiding light for the organization and a true Visionary in the world of Sound Therapy. We shared mutual aspirations on how we envisioned ISTA to take form.

Mandara's invention, the AMI 750 was out and rapidly becoming a product accepted by many holistic practitioners around the world. I began using my AMI in 2014 for minor aches and pains, stress reduction and general vitality.


But 2015 is when it all changed.

While transporting three Quartz Crystal Bowls into the hotel I was staying, for our Annual ISTA Conference, I slipped on some standing water and went, full force, on my left knee. The bowls weighed about 35 pounds so there was an extra force on my knee. (yes, 2 of the bowls were broken, see picture) The doctor proclaimed after an x-ray, it was bruised and to Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate (RICE). After over a year of constant pain, of a level 4 to 8, I decided to pay for an MRI, since insurance would not cover it, which revealed a torn meniscus! NO WONDER!


Doctors wanted to do surgery, but I remembered Mandara showing evidence of work she had done with race horses, knee problems and the AMI. Well, I thought ...



Mandara and I came up with a 9 week protocol for my knee using the AMI every day, twice a day. Within 2 weeks I had a slight change. By week 4, there was a full day of no pain! Week 6 there was minimum sensations. By week 9 there were consecutive day of no pain.

Since 2017 I have had no pain

in my knee. None. Zero.


I know people who have had the surgery and they had to have the surgery 2 or 3 times and they STILL walk with a limp. They spent thousands of dollars (well over the cost of the AMI 750) and their recovery time has been months, not weeks.

I recognize this is "anecdotal" and "results my vary." It worked for me in a way even my doctor was amazed!

These claims are strictly my own.

The AMI 750 does not diagnose nor treat any illness and should not implied.


Don Reed Simmons giving talk as President of ISTA at the International Sound Therapy Association Annual Conference 2013

How does

Sound Therapy work?

Sound is defined as: "the oscillation in pressure, stress, particle displacement, particle velocity, etc" creating an auditory experience. For healing purposes, sound is a vibrational tool to be used, like a pitch-pipe for a musical instrument, by which other matter becomes aligned. Everything, including organs, muscles and bones of the body, all have a vibrational "tone." By applying Vibrational Sound to the body, the body becomes re-aligned to the harmony of the tones placed upon it!

Broken Bowl.jpg

What does AMI mean?

A  = Acoustic

M = Meridian

I   = Intelligence

This is audible Sound and Vibrations (Acoustic) moving through the channels of energy (Meridians) as describe in the ancient text of Traditional Chinese Medicine working with the bodies own unique and intuitive understanding (Intelligence) of what it needs for healing and harmony.

The 750 stands for the 750 commutations originally discovered by British Osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners who pioneered this form of Sound Therapy and championed Mandara Cromwell to pick up the mantel when he retired.

How does AMI work?

The AMI 750 sends out a pulsation of sound vibration into gel pad mounted on a platform, much like a bathroom scale.

This vibrational sound is specifically selected out of 10 different commutations based on your specific needs. By placing your feet on the gel pads the sound travels through the soles of your feet and into the entire body by way of the Meridian Channels of the body.

This method is safe and effective for people (and animals!) of all ages.

Foot Chart.jpg
Meridian-model-bodies-300x360 copy.jpg

The cost of the AMI 750 is $4595.00 and is far below the cost of a torn meniscus surgery.

(average surgery cost $12,000 without insurance)

to order your personal AMI 750 go to:

The device comes pre-programmed with ten protocols

that can benefit everyone. They include:

  1. Stress Relief

  2. Pain Relief Musculo/Skeletal

  3. Pain Relief Inflammatory

  4. Vitality

  5. Anti-Aging

  6. Body Balancing A—Immune system / Oxygenation Stress

  7. Body Balancing B—Respiratory system

  8. Body Balancing C—Circulatory/Endocrine system

  9. Body Balancing D—Digestive system

  10. Body Balancing E—Nervous system / physical and environmental toxins



Virtual sessions can be scheduled like any other session where the AMI 750 will be used Virtually.

Attended sessions: 45 minutes - $175

Unattended sessions: 40 minutes - $60


If you would like to schedule a Virtual AMI 750 session go to:

temple of sound spring conference 2013 1

Don Reed Simmons preparing for Sound Immersion at the International Sound Therapy Association Annual Conference 2013

Don Reed Simmons leading a panel discussion on Sound Therapy at the International Sound Therapy Association Annual Conference with Mandara Cromwell (far left) 2015

Sitka AMI 2.jpg

Sitka The Wonder Dog

LOVES the AMI 750!

Yes, it's GREAT with pets!

Sitka AMI 1.jpg
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