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Sacred Sound Ministry

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Very First Sacred Sound Ministry

Unity North Atlanta ~ 2013

Using Sound as Service


Sound is a powerful modality.

Ancient Temple throughout the world have been built with the expressed intention to support the chanting, singing, praising, music of strings, drums, keyboards, temple bells and gongs of all kinds.

TNH Temple .jpg

Chartres Cathedral

Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery with Temple for Gong

Sound can:

calm the mind,

heal the body,

uplift the Spirit

The Sacred Sound Ministry Program was created to bring "the Power of Sound" into a Spiritual Ministry to enhance, uplift, transform and unify the congregation and the community. To use ... SOUND AS SERVICE! 

Sound Immersion YOGA.jpg

The Sacred Sound Ministry is a program taking its participants into a deeper appreciation of Sound, Frequency & Vibration as it relates to

Spiritual awareness and awakening.


Participants will learn:

  • How to effectively use different instruments like; Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks and Voice to bring harmony and balance to the physical and etheric body.

  • Create a "clearing" on individuals, groups and spaces for a fuller, richer, Spiritual experience.

  • Hold a "healing space" in non-judgement allowing the Sound and Silence to bring about a safe, accepting, forgiving and loving environment.

Don Reed Simmons creator of Sacred Sound Ministry with Rev. Richard Burdick, Unity North Atlanta.

A three day intensive workshop to create a

SACRED SOUND MINISTRY program specifically designed to support and enhance a Spiritual Ministry

in order to uplift, transform and unify congregation

and community. Using Sound as Service!




460702_10150758173589612_64347952_o - Co

By the end of the training, participants will have the knowledge to create their own Gongs, Bells & Bowls (GB2) performance and outreach program and how to enhance the already ongoing and established Ministries of your Spiritual Organization.


~ Great as a successful Outreach Program for Church growth and fundraising.
~ Stand out as a Certified Practitioner.
~ Create better health for yourself and others.
~ Leading Edge technology with Ancient technique applications.

Come and join the fun, soul fulfilling and Spiritual enhancing program of Sound. So many benefits that go beyond words. Participants of our GB2 events report;
~ better sleep
~ peace of mind
~ a deep sense of calm for days and weeks
~ even life changing for some ...

Sacred Sound Minstry UNA.jpg

Created and facilitated by Don Reed Simmons, President of the International Sound Therapy Association, meditation teacher, Sound Therapist and Shamanic practitioner.

To see how your Spiritual Community could benefit from a Sacred Sound Ministry, contact:

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