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Welcome to the Institute of Mindful Living and


The mission of the Institute of Mindful Living is to teach and live the example of Mindfulness as a way of life. Mindfulness is a state of BEING in the world in a way that reduces chaos, stress, suffering and implements examples of living with Kindness, Compassion and Joy. As we Live the examples of Mindfulness we begin to create a Society based on the principals of Loving Kindness.

Institute of Mindful Living is not a religious dogma. This is not to replace your religious or spiritual beliefs, it is to ENHANCE your experience here on Earth. Over the years of "evolution" the conditions of our Humanity has changed drastically since the beginning of time. Long ago, when the Cave People first discovered fire, their mission was to survive. Now, in the "Information Age" it seems like we are back to where we began ... surviving. Yes, life is better but only to a degree. We have heating piped into our homes, yet the homeless population globally is rampant. We go to the grocery store but the foods available may be altered in some way that in the long run may not be good for us.

What is the answer?

To live MINDFULLY in all we think, say and do. To choose our occupation, our life partner, our home, to listen to music we listen to all in the state of Mindfulness.


By Choice. Not by Chance.

Mindfulness Meditation the cornerstone of this action. In the pages to follow you will see the road to Mindfulness is not immediate or even easy. But the practice of Mindfulness is as old as the Cave People, as revered as the greatest Spiritual Masters, as relevant as this moment right now and as necessary as our sustainable living depends upon it.

It is up to us, The Mindful Society, to be a beacon among the darkness. Through this we just may have a chance ...