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Don Reed Simmons

YouTube Channel

Please don't forget to "Like" the video and subscribe!

Please don't forget to "Like" the video and subscribe!

This 1 Minute Meditation has been listened to nearly 2 Million times
on YouTube/Insight Timer and is one of the most popular meditations on Insight Timer.

Enjoy an 11 minute Shamanic Meditation of Breath and Consciousness.
Filmed live at Unity of Palm Harbor
in Florida on June 27, 2021

Interview by Bronkar Lee on

The Power of Sound!

Live Recording 2019

Loving/Kindness Meditation

"You Are The Pioneers of Sound"

Presentation 2013   ISTA Conference

Concert meditation for

2011 ISTA Conference

"Peace Bowl 2013"

Evening Entertainment

2013 ISTA Conference

The 4 Stages of Breathing

1) Renewal  2) Reaffirming

3) Releasing 4) Reviewing

"How to use sound and meditation for healing"

Fox 5 Interview

Atlanta 2015

Mediation and Sound Therapy Teacher 


Don Simmons ~ A Candid Conversation

CreatingWithin with Stephanie Fleitas - 2013

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