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Please don't forget to "Like" the video and subscribe!

This 1 Minute Meditation has been listened to nearly 1 Million times

on YouTube/Insight Timer and is one of the most popular meditations on Insight Timer.

Interview by Bronkar Lee on

The Power of Sound!

Live Recording 2019

Loving/Kindness Meditation

"You Are The Pioneers of Sound"

Presentation 2013   ISTA Conference

Concert meditation for

2011 ISTA Conference

"Peace Bowl 2013"

Evening Entertainment

2013 ISTA Conference

The 4 Stages of Breathing

1) Renewal  2) Reaffirming

3) Releasing 4) Reviewing

"How to use sound and meditation for healing"

Fox 5 Interview

Atlanta 2015

Mediation and Sound Therapy Teacher 


Don Simmons ~ A Candid Conversation

CreatingWithin with Stephanie Fleitas - 2013