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and see how life can be

magnificent, joyful and

filled with grace?

Let's take it to the next level ...

What type of information can I expect to receive?

Clear direction with physical steps to take for a successful outcome. If at anytime you are not sure of what is being said, ask for clarification. Sometimes the information comes in “parable” form and there will need to be discernment of how it relates to your situation specifically. We can discuss any area of your personal or business life.

Example: A client is in international business development for a rather large global technology manufacturing company. I would get a call from far reaches of the globe … “I’ve got a meeting with “Ms. Smith” in 2 hours. What do I need to know about this person and what do I need to look out for?” I would be able to give my client direction on how to approach this other person for the best possible success based on that person’s personality that was “shown” to me. Two weeks later he would call and say … “Spot on in China. How did my direct manager react to what happened? And by the way, I’m at the airport heading to England. What can you tell me about “Niles Dorsey”?   I loved working with this client. Our conversations would be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
See how a session with Don can ease your mind and shift your world ...
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