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The Mindful Society Podcast

An exploration into life lived mindfully.

in depth ~ sometimes controversial ~ always inspiring


Themes: Mindfulness, Compassion, Spirituality, Business, Home, Love, Joy, Culture

Welcome to The Mindful Society. A podcast of extraordinary exploration into life lived mindfully. At home or at work, with friends, lovers or adversaries, to be Mindful is to be fully aware of any given situation and choosing your Path rather than reacting to it. If you would like to become a member of The Mindful Society, donate to this podcast or receive more information on how to live life more mindfully please go to Please subscribe to our podcast, share with your friends and be a part of the Mindful Society where Mindfulness is the revolutionary change we see in the world.


Don Reed Simmons, a modern day mystic and visionary who has interviewed countless people across the globe as a journalist, documentary filmmaker and spiritual leader. Each episode will explore a particular topic allowing the subject to reveal itself with unexpected magic, candor and enlightenment. Don’s style is filled with curiosity, humor and compassion bringing out the most from his interviewees and diving deep into the human psyche.


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