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Are you ready to join

The Visionary Tribe?

Every day we are faced with challenges and choices. Some big, some small and all choices are important to us in reality.

How do you normally navigate those decision in life? Talking it over with a friend is always an option but you never want to put your friendships as therapist or decision makers in your life.


You want a Trusted Tribe.


Someone you can count on to give you Sage Advice and is not interested in just telling you what you want to hear. There is the term "Life Coach," which is really popular, and it's sort of like that but deeper and more fluid to the specifics of your life.

MEMBERSHIP gives you the opportunity to have a system of checking in with me on a regular basis at a reduced rate.

With a series of live events, meditations and discounts for 1on1 sessions, you will see your life in balance and harmony in record time.

Signing up is easy and Membership into the Trusted Tribe

is now, more than ever, important in how we

process life and truly live in the world with

Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Love ...

Tribe Membership


  • Monthly Expanded Newsletter

  • Access to Meditation Library

  • Access to Private Face Book Group - The Trusted Tribe

  • Special Monthly Virtual Q&A Tribe Members Only

  • 25% off ALL Intuitive Sessions with Don Reed Simmons

All for $25 per month with no minimum. Cancel at anytime.

Join Here!

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