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Atlanta March 2023

I'm really excited to return to Atlanta for some classes!

There will be more to come as I'm also preparing my 12th year of teaching The Shamans Path to Awakened Living starting in April. Details will follow soon.

In the meantime here are some offerings

while in Atlanta on March 10,11 & 12.

To Schedule a private session or sign up for any workshop: 
Please email:
to make payment:

Venmo: @gurudon



all workshops and Private Sessions will be held at:
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30340
You can book a session or workshop separately or
I would like to invite you to come and have an Immersive Weekend with me.
Call it a retreat.
Friday March 10 and Saturday March 11
  • Friday have a private session 1 on 1. (Sunday is sold out.)
  • Friday evening Shamanic Sound Journey with Past Life Regression
  • Saturday Morning 10am - 12 noon Vipassana Meditation
  • Saturday afternoon 2pm - 6pm Shamanic Healing and Journey Workshop
Total cost for this 2 Day Retreat is $345. If you decided to select all 4 options, you will receive a $45 discount! That would be $300 total. (Yes, snacks are included!)
Image by Stefan Widua

Shamanic Sound Journey with Past Life Regression

Friday March 10 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Discover the POWER OF SOUND as used to facilitate a deep Shamanic Journey that will also lead you into a Past Life important for you to see and experience for your Higher Evolution.


Image by Stefan Widua

Shamanic Sound Journey with Past Life Regression

Meditation Group

Vipassana Meditation

Saturday March 11 
10am - 12 noon

~ donation only ~

There is a transformation that takes place when one takes a true break from the world with a longer form of meditation.

Known as Vipassana, often translated as "deep insight," it focuses on the interconnection between mind and body and brings a transformative calm like no other.

Shamanic Healing and Journey Workshop 

Are you interested in a new way of healing

that is more ancient than anything else ...

AND can be a boost to any healing

modality you are already using?

SHAMANISM has been around for thousands of years in every continent across the globe. This method is based on Nature, Vibrational, Esoteric and Mystical "Medicines" to help bring well-being into earthly form. In this class you will discover:

  • How Sound heals the physical and emotional bodies and connects the Heart to the 3rd Eye then to the Crown and then beyond to Great Spirit.

  • The Power of a select Crystal Elements for tranquility, grounding and Soul Alignment

  • Shamanic Medical Intuitive and how Shamans "listen" to the body

  • How to connect with your Animal Guides and to have them help facilitate healing of Body, Mind and Spirit

  • The deep connection with your Spirit Counsel through a Shamanic Journey

Saturday March 11

2pm - 6pm


Get a jumpstart on The Shamans Path to Awakened Living, a 12 month intensive class to see if Shamanism is right for you. The Shamans Path class will begin in April. Details soon.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Shamanic Healing and Journey Workshop 

Private Sessions
with Don Reed Simmons

Don Reed Simmons has been a professional intuitive counselor for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience and training to help you discover the Path that is Right for you. As a certified Hypnotherapist he has help hundreds of people overcome blocks, fears and habits that have held them back. As a Brian Weiss, MD trained ("Many Lives, Many Masters") Past Life Regressionist, he has lead group and private sessions that have opened up amazing doors of perceptions - including those for himself.

Don Simmons is completing his book "Live Your LifePath" on how your birthday, reduced to numerology, can change your life and is scheduled to be out in the late summer or early fall.

Friday March 10

11am - 5pm

Sunday March 12 

10am - 5pm

1 hour reading: $175

Private Past Life Regression: $250

All Private Session will require advanced payment

To Schedule a private session or sign up for any workshop: 
Please email:

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