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Discover Shamanism

Sunday October 2, 2022

1:30pm - 5:30pm

Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

1095 Zonolite Rd.

Atlanta, GA. 30306



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You ARE being called!


"The Shamans Path to Awakened Living" is a class I've taught for over 10 years, after having been "initiated" into the world of the Global Shaman in 1976.


This is a system of practices to develop Spiritual growth, Intuitive awareness and Intentional action all while serving Humanity with Compassion.  I have watched students grow in confidence and found a clearer connection between "Self and Source."


Come with your questions, a willing heart and an open mind.


        I hope you will join me.

"The World Needs More Shamans."


For this class on Sunday October 2:


  • 2 Deep Meditations

  • 2 Shamanic Journeys

  • Principals of Shamanic Healing

  • Connect with your Animal Spirit Guide

  • Understand yourself and others with the Life Path number

To register, please send an email with SHAMAN as the heading.


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