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Free / Donations Accepted


Full Moon is a time of releasing. The word "February" comes from the Latin word "februum " which is

a time of purification. IT'S TIME NOW!

About this event

The word "February" comes from the ancient Latin word: "februum" which was a method of purification. Trees were pruned brush and dead limbs were gathered and the farmers would begin preparation of the fields by burning off the brush.

Everything was being purged including a festival, Lupercalia held between February 13th and 15th, whose purpose was to expel the evil spirits and purify the city, thereby bringing health and fertility.

The ancient Romans felt that by purging the evil spirits and burning the fields of the dead and dying brush, it would bring back health and fertility to the fields and the families. This month was considered a month of finality and closure and by doing so strengthening the bond of family and "ending the year in order to start a new one."

When the Moon is FULL, that means there is nothing left to be held. Something must be released in order to manifest something new. The FULL MOON is the perfect time to be in meditation and create a ceremony around what is to be released in life.


Even though the Lupercalia Festival is the 13th or 15th, since the FULL MOON is on the 16th I thought it to be a more auspicious time for the celebration. I don't think the ancient Romans would mind ~ they would probably prefer it!

Free / Donations Accepted

Wednesday 2/16/2022
7:00pm - 8:00pm
(Eastern Time)

We are in the time right now of really letting go ... purging ... that which NEEDS to be cleared out before you can take on anything new.


Consider what needs to be changed in your life. Make the list. Then get ready to join me for a FREE Meditation/Shamanic Journey for releasing!


Here is what you will need:


  • On paper your list of things you are ready to release.

  • Sage and/or incense shavings (this is known as the Clearing)

  • Loose leaf tobacco or Lavender (this is known as the Gift)

  • String to tie it together

  • An outdoor fire pit or indoor candle with something fireproof for it to sit and big enough to hold what you will be burning

  • Matches or Lighter

  • Glass of drinking water


Together we will create a ceremony for releasing and celebrating the moment of renewal. As you gather your items, write your intentions and releasing desires, make it Sacred. Let yourself be INTENTIONAL and SINCERE as to why you are doing so and what your purpose going forward will be with the new YOU emerging.


PLEASE NOTE:   Take extra precaution if you are burning anything inside. MAKE IT SMALL and do it over the kitchen or bathroom sink or tub.


I highly suggest everything be done outside


For the Sage, you can use the "shake" of sage that has fallen from the stem if you would like. As for tobacco, try to get the best quality possible or feasible for you. American Spirits offers loose, organic tobacco which is really good. Real "ceremonial tobacco" is known as "Nicotiana Rustica" which is a blend of many herbs in addition to organic tobacco. I order mine HERE from a store called Although this is thought of as "the best" ... actually, the best comes from your INTENTIONS and PRAYERS regardless of what you use. If you don't want to use tobacco, you can use lavender either from the plant or incense.

Free / Donations Accepted

Wednesday 2/16/2022
7:00pm - 8:00pm
(Eastern Time)

Full Moon Celebration &

                          Lupercalia Festival

Meditation / Journey

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