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Evolutionary Elevation

It's time to take yourself to the next level.

Evolve Up!

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Isn't it about time?

For many years people have asked me to be a Life Coach for them. For the most part, I've said no. There have been a few exceptions and that was mostly for a person/business going through a crisis and for someone I had worked with for a few years.

One of the main reasons I refused is because I never really liked the title: "Life Coach." Just doesn't ring true for me. Most Life Coaches I had any dealing with were more cheerleaders and sounding boards. There is nothing wrong with that. It just didn't fit me. It's not what I do.


That's what I do.

To Evolve and Elevate.

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Coming from a flying background (my father was a pilot/flight instructor and I got my license at 16 years old) flying a plane similar to the one here. I loved the moment when the wheels of the airplane left the runway and lifted into the air. That is true change. That is elevation. Rising above the condition of Earth to the circumstances of Flight. The world

looks differently from above. There is a whole new perspective

and everything you once know is now different. No longer do you

travel along a road with turns and intersections and speed limits

and stop signs. The boundaries no longer exist. A 90 mile

trip that would take 1.5 hours by car is now 45 minutes by air

depending on the aircraft you are flying. Yes, there are rules and

regulations and laws and duties and they have grave consequences

if they are not followed. But that is like everything else in life.

Many years ago I developed a program I called "Spiritual Flight," using the principals of aviation and flying to help others navigate a path to their Greater Self. As I was about to launch, life happened and I was "grounded." For the time being. Like anything, it's all about timing and as we have seen more and more changes over the last couple of years, people are recognizing a change NEEDS to take place in their life. People are seeing the limitations either placed upon them or limitations they have place upon themselves and they are ready to do something about it.

Looking around I can see the weather is clearing in one direction and certainly heavy clouds in the other. There is a lot of confusion in the world and navigating to your Highest and Greatest Good has got its challenges.


It is truly time to Evolve and Elevate.


Time to get out the map. Time to check the weather and make a Flight Plan. Time to do the "walk-around" with a 22 point inspection pre-flight, inside and out.

Maybe your breath is beginning to quicken. Your heart is racing just a bit. Your hands a little moist. Maybe its time for a new vantage point. A quicker way from Point A to Point B.

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Are YOU Ready For That Kind Of Change?

Are YOU Ready For Lift~Off?

Over the 6 months I will be beta testing "Evolutionary Elevation" for only 3 people per 8 week series (9 people total) who are interested in taking their life to the next level.

  • Do you feel stuck and uncertain which way to turn?

  • Are you carrying around undesirable habits you feel are holding you back?

  • Are you lacking drive to make a change?

  • Do you feel you are just "marking time" and not making a difference?

  • Have you lost that feeling of Joy in life ... that real Joy?

  • Are your relationships stagnant or non existent?

  • Have you lost touch with your Dream?

  • Do you find yourself on aimlessly scrolling social media hoping for inspiration?

  • Are you sensing you are losing your Spiritual Connection?

It is time to get into the Pilots Seat and take off! This is Evolution. This is Elevation.

This is a structured system of meetings and assignments to help get you to the places you KNOW you need and want to be in life.

  • More satisfaction in life.

  • Reduced stress.

  • More day to day laughter.

  • More focus.

  • Better organization.

  • Goals identified and accomplished.

  • Deeper connection with Great Spirit/Source/God.

  • Healthier body.

  • Healthier lifestyle.

  • Better relationships both personal and professional.

Here's the Overview:

This is a 8 week commitment with an additional 8 weeks offer (if available) afterwards at the same reduced price from public offer.

             2 - 1 hour meetings a month

             2 - "Quick Brief" check in's a month

             Limited text: weekly check ins, comments and inspirations

             Membership into the Trusted Tribe; A Meditation and More Community

             1 - 30 minute Group Meeting a month


           There will be homework and accountability every week taking about 30 minutes to

            1 hour per week.


8 week subscription: $2,500

Afterwards the public offer price will go to $6,000 but you will continue to get the discounted rate for the next 2 years.

Contact me HERE and I will send you information to apply. Space is limited to only 9 individuals total.

Let's Take Off ... Let's Do This!

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