The Shamans Path

Shaman Tarot

Master Series

The Ancient Shaman interprets the signs

of Nature and the Universe by "seeing"

what is not seen by the casual observer.

Much like the Ancient Shamans, the signs of the Universe and all of nature are now contained in the 78 cards of

the Tarot deck. Unlocking their messages are

the skills of the Shamanic Tarot Reader. 

Become a certified Shamanic Tarot Reader

8 Weeks to Awakening

3 Separate Levels:


2 Weeks: Fire Builder

4 Weeks: Fire Keeper

8 Weeks: Fire Master

The Shaman Tarot Master Series

is an excellent way to:

  • deepen your relationship to Great Spirit & Nature

  • Help others using your Divine Wisdom

  • Create a fulfilling stream of income

Shaman Tarot

Master Series

Every civilization from the ancient Egyptians, to the ancient Greeks, to the ancient Japanese have utilized the talents of the "Seers,"

the SHAMAN, to help discern

the Path to success.

The Path of the Shaman is to align themselves with Great Spirit in order to see and hear the messages of the Universe with the help of Animal Guides, Spirit Guides and Nature. The Shaman is the mediator between Heaven and Earth, the Guides of our "Better Angels," who helps others through the mysteries of life while here on Earth.

There are mysteries in the Universe hidden in plane sight, seen only

by those trained in how to SEE.


The Shaman trains themselves in the esoteric language of Nature and the Universe by strengthening their Connection between Self and Source.

In ancient times members of The Tribe would come to the counsel of the Shaman to better understand their role in society and for healing. Today, Citizens around the Globe are looking for the same answers and the Shaman is ready to help bring clarity into a confused world.

The word BONFIRE goes into antiquity when the bones of an animal were tossed into the Tribal Fire as a celebration and appreciation of the animals that would protect and provide for the Tribe. The smoke of the Bonfire would take the wishes of the individual, and the Tribe, into the sky where the Ancestors reside. The Ancestors would then work to see those desires come to pass.

As the Bonfire dies down, the Shaman would then "read the bones" as messages were left behind from the Ancestors, The Gods of Nature and from Great Spirit.

Shaman Tarot takes its cue from the ancient practices of the Shaman.

Reading the signs of the natural world, in a way nature provides them to us, is how the modern Shamanic Tarot Reader uses their skill. The Shamanic Reader "SEES" things others do not. They see beyond the veil of life to witness the truth of a situation in order to help their client make decisions for a more fulfilling life at home and profession.

The signs and symbols of Great Spirit are found all around in Nature, and the Tarot is a perfect expression of Great Spirit at work.

The world needs you now,

more than ever.

A calm voice in a sea of chaos.

A clear mind in the fog of circumstances.

This is your opportunity to become a member of society adding to the solutions

of the world by helping others determine a better way of life for themselves.

The SHAMAN TAROT READER is one who is determined to be a Beacon of Light, Truth and Compassion for the world.


Classes beginning soon!

This is a LIVE 8 Week class designed to take you from

Beginner to Novice to Master of the Tarot

regardless of your previous experience.

Sharpen your intuitive skills

Learn the language of Nature

Deepen your meditative practice

Discover your own true passions

Help others find meaning in life

Create a Pathway to earn extra income while living your Mission

Be a part of the peaceful solution to the world.

Become a certified Shaman Tarot Reader


8 Weeks to Awakening                   3 Separate Levels


2 Weeks: Fire Builder

4 Weeks: Fire Keeper

8 Weeks: Fire Master

Certification at each Level

7pm - 9pm Tuesday & Thursday

Dive deep into your Spirituality

and create an extra source of

income for yourself by

helping others.


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The FIRE BUILDER is the basics of what you need to build a fundamental understanding of the Shamanic Tarot process. This step takes you from introduction to giving your first reading and feeling comfortable with the process.

This is where you gather the information, set the stage for interpretations and build a foundation for listening to the Messages from Great Spirit. Perfect to deepen your Spirituality and to give readings for friends and family.

Price: $300

What you receive:

  • 4 classes over 2 consecutive weeks (8 hours)

  • 3 month membership including:

    • dedicated social media page

    • bi-monthly Virtual Tribe Meeting

  • Fire Builder Certification

The FIRE KEEPER takes the practice of Tarot from the external to the internal where you begin Living The Tarot with the deeper awareness of symbology in everyday life. This expansive awareness then translates into your readings not just from the cards but from the place of communication with Great Spirit.

From this level of study you will be adequately prepared for the casual seeker and to take your own Spiritual practice into deeper awakening.

Price: $550

What you receive:

  • 8 classes over 4 consecutive weeks (16 hours)

  • 6 month membership including:

    • dedicated social media page

    • bi-monthly Virtual Tribe Meeting

  • Fire Keeper Certification


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The FIRE MASTER is the Professional level for complete Mastery of the Tarot. The Tarot becomes not just what you do but also who your are as a Spiritual being on earth dedicated to helping others find Harmony within their lives as well as your own.

With this level of Excellence you will be well suited to begin your journey as a professional Tarot Reader.

Price: $950

What you receive:

  • 16 classes over 8 consecutive weeks (32 hours)

  • 1 year membership including:

    • dedicated social media page

    • bi-monthly Virtual Tribe Meeting

  • Free Animal Medicine Cards

  • Free Tuning Fork

  • Fire Master Certification

With every class and every level, be prepared

for different homework assignments:

  • practice of meditation

  • study of clouds

  • daily tarot practice

  • journaling your experience

  • written paper on your study

  • evaluation and testing for proficiency before Certification


into the mysteries of life, love and the pursuit

of Happiness and Spirituality.

This is a study of the soul longing for connection with Great Spirit and to be a benefit for humanity. The principals are based on ancient practices with a fresh outlook for our evolving world. The GLOBAL SHAMAN takes these practices and principals and is charged with being a greater space of wisdom for others as they continue to strengthen their own personal resolve to see the world in harmony. Perception changes everything and how you "see" the world will alter how the world works around you.

By taking the NEXT RIGHT STEP into your own evolution, you Awaken yourself into your Greater Abilities. This action alone begins to shape the world in a way of Peace in the world.

Become a part of the Global Solution of Peace and Right Action in the world now.

Join the world as a

Shaman Tarot Master

Your Teacher:

Don Reed Simmons has been walking,

talking, learning and teaching the

Path of the Shaman since 1976.


It was a fateful day, while living in Hawaii in 1976, Don was faced with his own mortality and felt a shift of his own energies which was already different than most as a "sensitive" who felt the energies of the earth and animals from the farm where he grew up in Mississippi with a severe form of childhood arthritis called Ankylosing Spondalitis.

It was 15 years later, while living in L.A. and working in the film industry, when his Spirit Guide appeared in his Visions and told him of his Path. It was his Spirit Guide, a Hawaiian Kahuna, who saved him that day and had been subtly teaching him the Path of the Shaman ever since. This teaching continued with the study of tarot, palmistry, numerology, feng shui, tai chi, hypnosis, past life regression, astrology, and dream analysis.

Not being indigenous Hawaiian, his Guide was training him to understand the role of the Global Shaman, the principals of Shamanism used by every culture, confirming the concept of ONENESS with all beings. To this day his Guide continues working and teaching through Don the principals of the ancient practice to be used in the modern world.


Don is an award winning filmmaker, published writer, lecturer, sound therapist, professional Intuitive and Shamanic teacher.


Having worked as a Crisis Intervention Counselor in NYC, L.A. and Honolulu, Don has an innate sense of compassion for those in crisis. He started Visionary Business Consultants in 2016 specifically to assist business leaders become more successful through Conscious Creation with Compassion. He uses his psychic abilities to assist people from around the world gain knowledge and directions in life, love and business.


He holds a degree in Journalism and Film and in 2003 was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity from Universal Life Church. 

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