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Don't Judge the Journey

dirt road
The Road That Leads To Everywhere

What if what you are doing right now is the most important thing in life. The circumstance you are experiencing, right now, is exactly what you, or someone you know, needs for their Highest evolution in this lifetime and even lives beyond this one. As mundane or frustrating or difficult and maybe even seemingly unimportant as your life may seem to be from time to time, what if what you are doing right now is the beginning of a miraculous shift of consciousness for yourself or someone else. I am fond of the quote:

“Don’t Judge the Journey.”

When we have judgement of something, or someone, we minimize the experience or the person.

When I asked myself many years ago where I thought I would be at this point in my life, this is never where I thought I would be. Is it better? Is it worse? Not necessarily. Where I am in life is neither better or worse. It’s different. Being where I am right now is the only “for sure” thing. I do know if I keep doing certain things it will lead to a certain outcome. If I decided to eat at McDonald’s everyday for the next month, like in the brilliant documentary “Super Size Me,” I, too, would become ill. So I don’t do that. Even though … what if … while eating dinner at McDonald's I met someone who would influence my life or theirs? What if our WHOLE LIFE purpose was just to show up in a moment of time to share an experience with a seemingly random person. In this case, in a fast food restaurant while eating dinner as an experiment on the long term effects of eating bad food.

What if our WHOLE LIFE purpose was just to show up in a moment of time

to share an experience with a seemingly random person.

We put so much emphasis on “What am I here to do in life? What’s my purpose?” What if you are already doing it? Some people are driven to find a cure for a disease in medicine while others seek to find healing through music. Some want to create a business with hundreds of employees and others make crafts for an Etsy account. Showing up in your life IS what we are here to do. Nothing more. To be the best expression of ourselves - at all times - is our mission. Everyday, waking up with the determination to be your best self. Whatever that may be. You work in an ice cream shop? You are working to develop the perfect scooping technique for the perfect ice cream cone. Maybe along the way you invent a better ice cream spoon that would revolutionize the industry or create a space to encourage an engaging community like Starbucks did with coffee only now for ice cream. It could happen.

Recently I was speaking with a client who shared a moment of her life while using dangerous drugs to excess. There was a moment when she was introduced to an extremely addictive and life threatening narcotic by her then boyfriend while living in a foreign country. In his haze, he kicked her out of the vehicle, leaving her abandoned on the side of the road where she was picked up by the police and taken to jail. In re-telling the story she was angry at her circumstances at the time. Understandably. Don’t Judge The Journey. “What if,” I said, “there was some person already in jail who saw you and in that moment decided for themselves, THAT was a Path THEY did not want to take and became clean and sober because of seeing you.” Her solemn face froze for a moment then a big laugh moved through her. “They sure saw the worst of it!” she said, now laughing at the memory. What new Path did that moment present for either one of them? How would they have been different had they not had THAT moment in time? We don’t know what happened. What we do know, is my client eventually changed her own patterns of life and is now clean, sober and is doing good in her community.

"The world needs more Shamans, people who think on a Global level

of compassion for the world and for humanity."

The Shaman’s Path to Awakened Living is a class I’ve been teaching since 2011 and is a gateway into the consciousness of Global Shamanism*. Here, students come into the class to learn the foundations of Intention, Intuition, Compassion and Action. There are those who have contemplated this course for years and there are those who have taken the course twice and contemplating a third time. The choice they make is the turn they take. Not good. Not bad. Different. Do I wish they would take the course? Yes, because the world needs more Shamans, people who think on a Global level of compassion for the world and for humanity. People who have learned to trust themselves and listen to the signs of nature in order to bring healing, peace and forgiveness into the lives of anyone they meet as well as for themselves. It’s a stepping stone into raising your personal vibration to be a part of the solution and not adding to the problem. It is a method of discovering your Inner Sage. But if they don’t take the course, that’s okay too. The very fact a course of this nature was even considered is a shift of consciousness.

Do what elevates your Soul’s Journey for yourselves and others you love. Stay the course of your Soul’s progression without shrinking back into isolation from, and separation of, your Highest Self. If there is a friend who needs your assistance, give it and give it without expectation and without limit if you are called to do so. What if your whole life depends on you being in the very place you are RIGHT NOW to offer assistance to another individual in a way that does not harm yourself and helps another. Do that. You may never know the influence you have on another person. It becomes a personal choice and we are defined by our choices in life. Choose being of service. Choose the Higher Road to your Higher Self. As you choose this Path more and more, your Soul’s vibration reaches into states of pure love, compassion and peace. Within each situation you find yourself, right now, in this moment, answer the call of your Higher Self. What is your Soul longing for? Better job? Happier relationship? A home closer to the beach? To get, and stay, clean and sober? Yes, your life can be better. It can always be better. It can also go the other way.

"You may never know the influence you have on another person."

Focus on the choice making your life more peaceful and healthier, right now and in THIS moment. When you live making choices to elevate your Soul, you are living in accord with a Sacred Agreement. By elevating yourself, you are raising the vibration of the planet and influencing others to do the same. “Don’t Judge Your Journey” for it has put you in the perfect place to make the next Right Decision. A decision which could change your life forever. A decision which could change the world, no matter how great or small. You can make a difference just by being the greatest version of yourself every day.

Don Reed Simmons is a Shamanic practitioner/teacher and a Visionary Business Consultant. He leads classes in meditation and Shamanism and holds yearly retreats, the next one being in September of 2021. For more information, go to:

*to read the article on Global Shamanism, go to:

As a side note: Morgan Spurlock, creator, director and personality of the documentary “Super Size Me” met, married, had a child with and subsequently divorced the nutritionist on the film who was monitoring his decline of health and his journey of detox back to health. Meant to be? Don’t Judge The Journey.

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