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I am excited about returning to Atlanta for a moment to be LIVE with some workshops and meditations.

Atlanta Skyline Night 2022.heic

There is so much to share, as there are so many changes in the world. It is becoming clearer and clearer how each individual walking the planet today is a part of a bigger SHIFT. The Shift depends on us as to how we will be walking on the Earth from here on.

Some years ago, meditation was seen as a good way to reduce stress and improve health. Those are still true today but it has now become evident it is actually the "secret sauce" to sanity!

Meditation and Self-Awareness, which includes Intention, Intuition, Compassion and Action (the 4 Pillars of Shamanism) are not just something fun to do for the weekend, this is LIFE TRAINING for the world ahead of us.

Join me for some unique classes and take the opportunity for an "in-Person" reading. As has been mentioned many times, the year 2024 is the number 8, which is all about taking ACTION on your dream!

Make your plans now ... It's time to LIFT - OFF!

PLR Atlanta June 2024.png

Friday June 7
7pm - 9pm

To take on a Past Life Regression is like taking a Journey into your own Soul. It can reveal a part of yourself you've questioned but not confirmed, you've known but not reconciled. It can be life changing. It changed my life!

Discover why you do what you do and why you are walking this Life Path. Once you can see yourself from this new perspective you will gain a whole new clarity on life. From this, acceptance and modification in life is easier and more important. You will find yourself more "going WITH the flow" instead of always swimming upstream.

The truth of reincarnation has not been proven but there is so many stories of amazing coincidences that is also cannot be denied. Several clients have gone on to do their own research of their past lives and there is a clear similarity. I view Past Life Regression from a therapeutic viewpoint, allowing yourself to see yourself in a new way. Trained by the author of "Many Lives, Many Masters," Brian Weiss, MD., this method had helped countless people learn more about themselves to make positive steps in their life.

DRS Shamanic Journey ATLANTA 2024.png

Saturday June 8
2pm - 6pm

The Universe is speaking and we can hear through the sounds of Nature. During this Shamanic Journey we will go into the Lower World to hear from the Animal Kingdom, then travel to the Upper World to hear from the Angeles and Wisdom Council. Then we will return to the Middle World and listen to the Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.

This is not your typical "Shamanic Journey," this is a full immersion into the communication of messages with Great Spirit and dialoguing and sharing with others as to how to implement these messages. We will even partner up and Journey with and for each other.

Even if you've never taken a Shamanic Journey before, you will connect like never before with the Divine Spirits helping you navigate this world.

This Shamanic Journey will be induced using Sacred Sounds of the Shamans Drum, Flute, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls and Gong.

ATLANTA An Evening of Deep Peace. 2024png.png

Sunday June 9
5pm - 6pm

Donation Only

Never before has Meditation become more important than right now. Our body, our entire physical system, has become overloaded with stress and over stimulation. This DEEP PEACE meditation delivers the 3 most important elements of true Inner Peace:

  1. Non-Judgement

  2. Acceptance

  3. Forgiveness

Let yourself be taken with Sacred Sounds of Quartz Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Gongs and Bells. Release it all. Return to Peace.

Sunday June 2, 2024
2pm - 6pm

get application from above link

Early Squirrel Special
$90 until May 27
then $120

and to apply

This is a brand new method for Actors using numerology to really change the way you see and experience your character!

To schedule your place for the workshops/meditation, please email me here: and I will send you a link for payment and confirmation. PLEASE list the workshop(s) you are interested in attending.

Private Sessions.png

First Come/First Served

Private Sessions are:

1 hour ~ $175

1/2 hour ~ $125

1.5 hour ~ $250

(Private Past Life Regression/ Hypnosis

or extended reading)

Please email for your appointment time
please include multiple times you  prefer in case your desired time is already taken.

Schedule for Private Sessions

Monday 6/3
2pm -
3pm -


Tuesday 6/4
4pm -
5pm -

Sunday 6/9
2pm - booked
3pm - booked
4pm ~booked

Friday 6/7
11am - booked
12noon - booked
2pm -


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