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The Visionary Leader

There was a time when business was an “old boys club” and you relied on your buddy to get you up the ladder to your retirement watch and pension. Those days are long gone. Now, we need an edge. That edge takes us beyond what we know and back into what we “feel.” As our great land was being discovered there were no maps and the trails blazed were formed by individuals who had an Intuitive nature of which way to go and a Visionary Spirit of what it would look like when they got there.

What’s old is new again. The landscape of business is requiring a return to being more Visionary than ever before. With mounds of Data and MegaData we can get lost in the left brain of stats and orders. Visionary Intelligence is created by combining the analytic, creative and practical (Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence) side of intelligence with that of the Intuitive or Emotional Intelligence. This MetaVision can then design, create and act without getting lost in only one way of thinking.

Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Today, more than ever, the Intuitive Business Model is finding a home in the Board Room, the Executive Suite, the Physical Plant and the Sales Floor.

The true Visionary balances Purpose, Passion and Positive Action for the greater good of employee and customers alike. A Visionary is guided by the Purpose of the business rather than the ego of the individual.

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