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Helping You Design Your Future

Intuitive Consultant


Through the course of history, nations, empires, Kings and Queens, military generals and leaders of all kinds had at their access, individuals who were experts the art of “divining”. These intuitive executive advisors were a natural part of any kingdom and were often a whisper away from the leader. They were there to “see the future” before it happened in order to sidestep defeat, loss or disaster.

All respected and successful kingdoms had their trusted advisors, The Visionary who helped The Leader forge the future.

And now, so do you.

Visionary Business Consultants (VBC), and Don Reed Simmons is a successful and trusted intuitive business consultant, using proven, strategic and innovative ways to help executives, corporations and small businesses alike succeed. 


Everyday we awaken to a new experience and we have the opportunity to begin again. Our mission is to LIVE consciously, with Intention of our deepest desire and Highest Purpose.  To live Mindfully in all we do by balancing the 5 Healths of Life:

  1. Physical Health

  2. Mental Well being

  3. Financial Prosperity

  4. Professional Achievement

  5. Relational Fulfillment

What ever your "Mission" may be, Don Reed Simmons can help you get there and to happy, joyful and balanced along the way. There is a way to "Design Your Future" and that path is through the meeting  of your Soul's Desire with your natural born talents. When you move into the flow of life, there is no need to struggle.


Love is what makes the word go 'round.

What do you love? Family, friends, travel, money, great dining? To truly enjoy life is our true Journey in life. Many, however, miss the point.

  • What fulfills my soul?

  • Am I in the right relationship?

  • How can I express myself better?

  • What do I truly LOVE to do?

These are all questions of utmost importance in our life. A session with Don Reed Simmons can help you sort out which way to turn to get the most out of what you love in life ... and how life can support you in return.

“I left my reading having learned new truths and with a sense of deep peace, exhilarating inspirations, and practical actions to apply – awesome!” 

~ D.L.  Newport Beach, CA.

Ship's Wheel


You are a member of the VBC Tribe, a yearly subscription that allows for deep discounts and special offers. This option is for a 1 hour session by phone that will be recorded by "Go-To-Meeting" allowing us to have visual capabilities as well. This option must be pre-approved.


Machu Picchu


This program is 1/2 hour of a specialized system of scanning and running Energy with a specific meditation for you while we are speaking by phone. The meditation portion is recorded for you to listen to on a regular basis to achieve maximum balance.


Machu Picchu

More Options

There are many different options to choose from for a session or a series of sessions. Receive a discount as you add more sessions for longer term, more in depth work.


DISCLAIMER: By entering this website, you acknowledge Don Simmons is a Spiritual Counselor and is not licensed to practice psychiatry, psychology, to offer business, legal or health advice. Responses are based on life-experiences, personal philosophies and Spiritual evaluations and are not intended to be used in replacement of professional counseling, physician or advisor. This service is provided with the understanding that if legal or other assistance is required, the service of a competent professional should be sought.

Don Reed Simmons

Don Reed Simmons is an internationally recognized Psychic, Mystic, Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker and Shamanic Practitioner. With over 20 professional years experience, he is considered to be one of the most successful and beloved psychics and meditation teachers.  His intuitive readings are conducted in person, on the phone and by Zoom.

He is certified in Past Life Regression by Brian Weiss, MD (“Many Lives,Many Masters”) and has developed and mastered the ability to tap into Past Lives and bring clarity into Present day Life. Past Life readings are both by hypnosis and through Intuitive reading.


Don’s sessions are always grounded with actionable advice . His recorded guided meditations can be found on mobile apps and are listened to by thousands of of people every day.  Although he is based in Sarasota, FL. and Atlanta, GA., his clients span the globe.



Watch some videos HERE!

Increase physical well-being, Divine connection and Spiritual communication. Live Stream: 3/25/2020

Increase physical well-being, Divine connection and Spiritual communication. Live Stream: 3/25/2020

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